About Us

What is CannaContainers?

  • We are a Denver, Colorado-based supplier of customizable packaging for cannabis/marijuana dispensaries.  But there is a lot more to it than that...

Why CannaContainers?

  • Our crack-squad of lawyers and industry pros simplify compliance law and its effect on marijuana packaging so you don't have to.  All of our containers are CPSC 1700.20 compliant which means you can keep your key employees and budtenders focused on making hay- not chasing paper. 

  • One of the intents behind state packaging regulations is to keep cannabis out of the hands of children.  Our packaging is designed to fulfill this intent not just pass inspection.  So you can be confident that when product leaves your establishment in a CannaContainer, little hands won't be able to get to it.     

  • Ordering drams should take about as much mental effort as reading this sentence.  In other words, it should be simple.  Our top-shelf customer service means:  
    • No more playing email tag with your rep trying to pin down an order.  
    • No more telling customers "it should be another week or two" before something shows up (and hoping it isn't longer).
    • No more orders disappearing in the mail somewhere between here and China. 
    • Order online or over the phone from real people who aren't afraid to show a little hustle and earn your business. 

  • Obsessing over little plastic vials might not be your thing... but it IS ours. We offer quick turn-arounds and same-day shipping options.
  • No more last-minute hustling to restock your packaging.
  • Do you have questions? Comments? Orders via Email?
  • Please contact us at info@cannacontainers.com
  • Call or text (303) 900-2570